The Best Cruise Deals – How To End The Hours Of Searching

Every one that likes to take a cruise for a vacation, weather it’s for the value or they just like to cruise, spend way to much time searching for the right cruise deal. First you have to decide what destination, time of year and which cruise line. I have seen people take as much as a few weeks to do this.

The best way to always get the best cruise deal is to be an insider in the travel industry.
What I mean by this is being your own travel agent. You know the old saying,” If you can’t beat them join them.” You see, travel agents always get the best cruise deals because they promote and sell cruises, so the benefit for doing this is major discounts.

Now a days people are to busy with their families or their jobs to be sitting in front of their computer for hours on end trying to pick the right cruise, plus most people work at computers all day and the last thing they want to do when they are not working is sit for hours in front of their computer planning a cruise. Wouldn’t you rather be packing for your cruise?

By being your own travel agent you would eliminate hours upon hours of time trying to find the best cruise deal and more time cruising. What I mean by this is that travel agents get perks and courtesies from cruise lines all over the world. Once you become a travel agent and register with the different cruise lines, your inbox will have numerous cruise deals every week and all you do is pick one. You could have your cruise selected and booked in less than one hour.

In the cruise line industry as you become more familiar and gain more knowledge in the promotion of cruises, the cruise lines will offer extremely discounted trips. One of the best cruise deals as a travel agent is when a cruise line opens a new resort or cruise ship they offer the first sailing or grand opening to travel agents only. These trips are called “Familiarization Trips” or Fam. Trips. These cruises are for the travel agent to come and get familiar with the new ships amenities. The cost to the travel agent is usually the port charges, which is about 50.00 per day.

Now with that being said, there are all kinds of cheap deals for cruises, but be aware of certain restrictions. Make sure that you check the cruise out thoroughly before booking.

Truly the only way to assure yourself that you are getting the best deal on a cruise and not spending hours searching is to become a travel agent.

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